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International Trackers Weekend 2018

Weylin Tracking organizes an international tracking event in 2018. This tracking event is open to everybody who likes tracking and trailing. The weekend will be held at a beautiful location, close to the city of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. This area has great tracking and trailing possibilities and is easily accessible by public transport or car.

tracking in wetlands around the river IJssel

We have prepared the following activities:








No activities planned

Arrival after 13:00

Walk around & wildlife watching



Track & Sign forest/sand

Track & Sign forest/sand




Track & Sign wetland

Track & Sign wetland




Trailing workshop

Departure before 14:00

No activities planned

Thursday will be the day that people arrive, in the evening we will have diner and go watching red deer and wild boar activity. The red deer are in the rut in this period, and easy to spot and to hear.

Friday we will go to the sand dunes. This area has good track and sign possibilities. We can look for many tracks like that of deers, wild boar, pine marten, mouses, fox, badger and insects. We will have lunch in the dunes. Tom Dekker and Jeroen Kloppenburg will be the guides at this day.

beaver sign

On Saturday we will go to the river Valley of the IJssel. In this area, there are many tracks of animals that live close to water, such as water birds, crayfish, beaver and muskrat. Tom Dekker and Jeroen Kloppenburg will be the guides at this day.

On Sunday we will organize a trailing workshop in the sand dunes. This trailing workshop will be led by Michel Grobbe. The program will end at 14:00 hrs. We will have to leave the accommodation before this hour. On Friday and Saturday evening, there will be interesting presentations and workshops, hosted by Dutch specialists. The language will be English. The accommodation will be simple, but in the middle of the natural area. We have two dormitory rooms with beds and a central room with tables, chairs, a kitchen and toilets and showers. You will have to bring your sleeping bag and pillow. Warm showers are available.

We will prepare diners, breakfasts and lunches together. Food and drinks are included. It would be nice if you would bring your own cup and plate to use.

Michel Grobbe will lead a trailing workshop on sunday morning

Apeldoorn is about 1 hr by train from Amsterdam Schiphol and 1,5 hr by public transport from Eindhoven or Rotterdam airport. We can pick you up from the train station if needed.

The total cost for the whole event (four days) will be 250 euro per person. It is possible to book for less days at reduced costs. These costs includes local transport, food and drinks, accommodation, guides and activities.

For more information and applying for the weekend please contact us here.

We hope to welcome you all in 2018!

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